• A cedar roofing company built on hard work, dedication and family...

Top Quality Cedar

Whether it’s the experience sourcing and harvesting logs since the 1940s, or the quality cedar products sourced from our trusted network, top quality cedar is the heart of our business. All of our cedar roofing and siding products which are harvested from our own logging operations are PEFC Certified, meaning they abide by the highest environmental and reforestation standards. This ensures we will have what you need now, as well as what you'll need in the future.

Industry Leading Fire Safety

With Watkins cedar roofing and siding you can rest easy knowing our products offer exceptional fire safety. In fact, we are the only company in the world that offers a Pressure Impregnation Fire Retardation Treatment system for cedar shake and shingle roofing that is recognized by the International Code Council (ICC) and the California State Fire Marshal (SFM). If you live near a fire hazard zone you can have confidence that your home is protected from an encroaching fire.

Value Added Service

Even though our company has grown exponentially since its beginnings, we are still a family business at our core. When you work with us, our values – Loyalty, Ethics, Friendship and Professionalism -- come through in everything we do. You get the personalized service of a ma-and-pa company backed by a large magnitude of technical and sales experience. Many of our current customers have been with us for decades, and we look forward to building the same lasting relationship with you.

  • "Our customers have stayed with us for decades because our values – Loyalty, Ethics, Friendship and Professionalism - come through with everything we do."

    — Ed Watkins, President


Watkins Sawmills is a family business with strong roots.

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Our People

Meet some of the dedicated team behind our roofing company.

Our Promise to You

With cedar roofing and siding from Watkins Sawmills, you get quality you can trust for decades, and the attentive service to back it up. We stand behind our products with generous warranties ranging from 40 to 50 years.

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A Sustainable Future

From harvesting a renewable resource according to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, to redistributing all scrap wood and partnering with organizations that share our green values, our commitment to environmentally friendly products and practices is strong.

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