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Preservative Treated

Ultimate Durability

For 75 years, CCA preservative has provided proven protection from termites and fungal decay for wood used in applications such as cedar roofing, utility, highway, marine, agricultural and heavy construction. The formulation renders wood useless as a food substance for termites and fungi while keeping the wood attractive, clean, odorless, and non-staining. CCA treated wood is known worldwide as being a strong, resilient, versatile and economical material.

  • CCA preservative is listed in the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) Standards.

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When should I chose a pressure treated roof?

Western Red Cedar is already a material naturally resistant to decay and that is why it has always been so popular as a roofing material, however, in some extreme climates it is necessary to boost that natural resistance. CCA pressure treated Shake and Shingles are designed for extremely wet & shaded, or tropical climates where building materials require an increased resistance to fungal decay and also in many southern geographic locations where termites are present.

Watkins preservative treated wood offers, easy handling and modification, long life, and low cost. Common tools can be used for construction and repair and when used as recommended in approved applications, CCA-treated wood provides decades of service, and in some harsh climates can even double the life of the roof.


Wolmanized CCA Preservative

Western Wood Preservers Ltd. uses Lonza's long proven wood protection preservative. This formulation has been used for decades and continues to be the most effective product for anti fungal and termite protection.

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Learn how to effectively apply your fire smart cedar roofing.

Application Instructions

All of our pressure treated cedar roofing meets local and state wildland urban interface requirements.

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Shake & Shingle Roof Application Instructions

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