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    Listed with CSFM for compliance in all Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) areas.

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    Intermittent Flame Test on Shakes

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    FSR's Pressure Autoclave used for treating product

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    Class "ICC B" Heavy Shake Roof in California

Fire Retardant

When you choose fire smart cedar roofing from Watkins Sawmills, you can be confident your home is protected from nearby fires and sparks. We are proud to be the only company in the world to offer long-lasting, in-house pressure treating using a powerful fire retardant. Our treatment system is recognized by the International Code Council (ICC) and California State Fire Marshall (SFM).

  • Choose from three levels of fire protection
  • Rest easy knowing your home and family is safe

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For more information on Fire Treated roofing go to www.firesmartroofing.com

The Pressure Treatment Process

Our Pressure Impregnation Fire Retardation Treatment System begins as the cedar shakes and shingles are loaded into our pressure autoclave cylinder. All air and moisture is removed from the wood by a vacuum, at which point the fire retardant is pumped into the cylinder to thoroughly saturate the wood. Finally, the cedar shakes and shingles are transferred to our kiln where they are slowly cured for several days, forming a strong bond between the wood and fire retardant.

Depending on your preferences or the requirements of your local building code, you can select Class A, B, or C fire retardation, each with varying levels of fire protection.



Class A Fire Retardation

For fire protection in areas that are subject to severe fire exposure, our Class A Fire Retardant Treatment uses shingles treated with Class B Fire Retardant combined with a fire retardant cap sheet underlay. This treatment adds a high degree of fire protection to your cedar roofing. It won’t slip from position or pose a flying-brand hazard.


Class B Fire Retardation

Effective against moderate fire exposure, our Class B Fire Retardant Treatment ensures your cedar roofing is not easily flammable. This treatment provides moderate fire protection, prevents slippage and does not pose a flying-brand hazard.


Class C Fire Retardation

Suitable for homes in areas that have minimal fire exposure, our Class C Fire Retardant Treatment ensures your cedar roofing and siding is not readily flammable. With this treatment, your roof is not in danger of slippage and there is no flying-brand hazard.

Learn how to effectively apply your fire smart cedar roofing.

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