• Pressure treat your cedar roofing for long lasting results.

Cedar Roofing Treatment Options

Protect your cedar roofing investment and your family with Watkins Sawmills’ treatment options. Our preservative treatment protects the wood from the elements, and our fire safety treatment protects your family and your home from fire hazards. While these treatments are optional, they are highly recommended for maximum enjoyment of your cedar siding and roofing.

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Fire Smart Roofing (Certi-Guard)

Watkins Sawmills is the only company in the world that offers a Pressure Impregnation Fire Retardation Treatment system. Choose from three fire safety finishes depending on your level of potential fire exposure, whether it’s to meet building code requirements or give you peace of mind:

  • Class A for severe fire exposure protection
  • Class B for moderate fire exposure protection
  • Class C for light fire exposure protection

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Preservative Treatment (Certi-Last)

Watkins Sawmills cedar products are also available with a CCA preservative pressure treatment. This treatment is recommended for homes in geographic areas with high rainfall or high humidity. It prevents decay of the roof from damage associated with:

  • Mold
  • Moss
  • Rot

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