• Natural beauty that can't be duplicated

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    Grooved R&R's installed with a double course.

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    Watkins Sidewall Shingle Full Box

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    Grooved Sidewall shingle - Natural & Primed Gray

Wall Shingle Sizes and Options

Endless possibilities.

Watkins Rebutted and Rejoined Cedar Sidewall shingles are the ultimate luxury siding material. Many plastic and composite materials attempt to duplicate to look of cedar siding but none of them can match the warmth and individuality of naturally grown cedar. Stain them, paint them, or allow them to weather to their natural gray look. Real cedar brings the prestige of a product that no man-made product can duplicate.

  • Creates an individual look for every home
  • Lowest carbon foot print

R&R Brochure Warranty

To learn how to install all R&R sidewall products, click here.




Shingles are run through a grooved planer machine giving the wood a combed

look with vertical grooves on the face offering a more textured Look.

-Available is 18" or 24" Lenghts

nATURAL 16" - 18" - 24" sIDEWALL

Shingles face are left unchanged from when they are originally sawn at the mill. Gives more natural sawn wood look.

- Avaiable in 16" - 18" or 24" Lengths.


sanded fACE sIDEWALL

A solid coat of paint offers the most durrability for your wood shingles. Availabe in a single or a double coat, this product comes with up to a 25 year warranty. With two coats, one oil primer and an acrylic top coat , this is the best option to prevent tannin bleeding.

May customer opt to use a #2 mixed grain shingle when choosing this product which shows off the natural wood grains of the wood even with the solid paint, and keeping the natural feel of the product.



#2 Shingles offer the greatest level of character to a wall by showing the unique beauty of the natural wood grains on the face of the shingle. #2 Sidewall R&R shingles offer a clean butt end and straight and minimal keyways for a cleaner look, whereas the standard #2 Perfection Shingles can be used for a more rustic cottage look.

#2 shingles work great with a Semi Solid or a 2 Coat Acrylic paint. Customers often choose either of these when they want display the true color or the paint however still want the characteristics of the wood grains to show.


Glacier Bay Alaskan Sidewalls

Alaskan yellow cedar sidewall shingles are the most durable siding choice. This product looks great when stained with a natural bleaching oil weathering stain that quickly accelerates the color turning to that highly desirable a silver grey.

Also looks great with our 2 coat Acrylic Color Seal Factory Finish

- Available in 18" R&R's - Click Here to View Brochure

-For a more defined shadow ask about our 5/8" Tapersawn A-Butts. ( As seen in photo )

Treatment Options

FSR Fire Smart

  • Pressure Impregnated Treatment
  • ICC & CSFM Accredited
  • Wildland Urban Interface Compliant
  • Fire Retardation Lasts Life of the Wood

Preservative Treated (Certi-Last)

  • CCA adds to natural resiliency of cedar
  • Economical & long lasting
  • Proven Science over many decades
  • Great for areas of high moisture & shade

Shake & Shingle Roof Application Instructions

Watkins is your valuable resource for installing Western Red Cedar Shake and Shingles

Sidewall Shingle Application Instructions

Click here to learn more about installing cedar shingle siding.

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  • "Cedar was the only material that could offer me a high enough level of durability for the style of home I have."

    — Scott Richardson, Vail, CO

  • "Cedar was the only material that could offer me a high enough level of durability for the style of home I have."

    — Scott Richardson, Vail, CO