• Nothing matches the beauty of natural cedar.

Sidewall Cedar Shingles

Nothing comes close to the one-of-a-kind appeal of sidewall cedar shingles. Compared to man-made siding, real cedar shingles have naturally unique sizes, grains and colors. This creates a look that simply cannot be replicated with other sidewall options, and gives any home a luxurious appearance that lets the unmistakable beauty of Western Red Cedar shine through.

Wall Shingle Sizes and Options

Endless possibilities. Choose from standard, grooved and sanded sidewall cedar shingles, each with a unique look that can be customized further with various finishes.

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ColorSeal & Stain Finish Options

Add a unique touch. Choose from factory and custom finishes that enhance your shingles and complement your home design without losing the appeal of the natural cedar grain.

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Heritage Cut Designer Shingles

Elevated style. Enhance any home exterior with our premium option -- heritage cut designer shingles.

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