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    24" Medium Shakes

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    Luxury home with 100% Edge Grain Shakes

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    Heavy 3/4" Shake Roof Standard Grade

Handsplit & Resawn Shakes

For that rustic appeal.

A rustic character with a country appeal. Split and then re-sawn cedar shakes are sawn on the backside while the faces of the Shake are split along the natural grain of the wood. This process gives the cedar wood a highly textured surface and looks great on chalets, modern country villas, or a ocean-side retreat. Popular products in this grade are Heavy and Medium Shakes which are thicker and heavier than any number of other grades of shingles, giving the roof a very rugged or rustic appearance.

  • Unique & natural look
  • Lowest Carbon footprint of all roofing products

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To find out how to install re-sawn shakes , click here.

Grades and Recommended Use



              • Lengths 18-inch, thickness ½" (medium) and ¾" (heavy) minimums; length 24-inch, thickness 3/8", ½" (medium) and ¾" (heavy) minimums. Width 4" minimum. Clear heartwood; 20% maximum flat grain in each bundle.

        Roof Exposure: 18-inch shakes - 7½" maximum; 24-inch medium and heavy shakes - 10" maximum; 24-inch (3/8") shakes - 7½" maximum (5" per UBC).

      Wall Exposure: Single course: 8" for 18-inch shake; 10½" for 24-inch shake.

                Recommended Use: For walls and roofs on 4:12 pitch and steeper where high quality appearance and performance are desired.

            PREMIUM GRADE Cedar Shake

            • Same manufacturing specs as Regular Grade Shakes, however, only 100% edge grain wood is used. Premium grade shakes exceeds the national industry standard.

              Recommended Use: For walls and roofs 4:12 pitch and steeper and where a premium quality product is needed or desired.

            Barn Shakes

            • Straight split with no taper. Nominal lengths 18" and 24" with a 3/8" butt. This product is made with 100% edge grain and uses minimal corrugation and highest quality grains to be able to split on both sides. Commonly used on heritage projects.

            Roof exposure: 7½" for 18-inch shake; 10" for 18-inch shake.

            Wall exposure: 10" for 24-inch shake; 7½" for 18-inch shake


            FSR Fire Smart

            • Pressure Impregnated Treatment
            • ICC & CSFM Accredited
            • Wildland Urban Interface Compliant
            • Fire Retardation Lasts Life of the Wood

            Preservative Treated (Certi-Last)

            • CCA adds to natural resiliency of cedar
            • Economical & long lasting
            • Proven Science over many decades
            • Great for areas of high moisture & shade

            Shake & Shingle Roof Application Instructions

            Watkins is your valuable resource for installing Western Red Cedar Shake and Shingles

            Sidewall Shingle Application Instructions

            Click here to learn more about installing cedar shingle siding.

            HIP AND RIDGE

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            Certi-Ridge® Shake Hip & Ridge Units are pre-manufactured, labor saving caps for hips and ridges. These products are made from the same red cedar resource as Certi-label™ shakes for a high quality, perfect match.

            Number 1 Grade, Blue Label

            Manufactured from quality Number 1 Grade Certi-Sawn® shakes. Lengths 18-inch; 24-inch; thickness 5/8", ¾"; widths not less than 9" (measured on the inner surface at the butt end). 20 units per bundle.

            Number 2 Grade, Red Label

            Manufactured from Number 2 Grade Certi-Sawn® shakes. Lengths 18-inch, 24-inch; thickness 5/8" or ¾"; widths not less than 9" (measured on the inner surface at the butt end). 20 units per bundle.

            Exposures: The hip & ridge exposure should be equal to or less than the exposure in the field of the roof, and should not exceed the maximum exposure for the specified length and grade.
            Recommended Use: The appropriate hip and ridge unit should be selected to match the adjacent shingles or shakes. However, in many areas a tapersawn hip and ridge unit is used on both shingle and shake applications. Hip and ridge product type selection should be performed in accordance with the aesthetic look desired.

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            • "Cedar was the only material that could offer me a high enough level of durability for the style of home I have."

              — Scott Richardson, Vail, CO

            • "Cedar could offer me a high enough level of durability for the style of home I have."

              — Scott Richardson, Vail, CO