• Cedar roofing options for rustic and modern tastes.

Cedar Roofing

In addition to the certified cedar shakes and shingles we manufacture, Watkins Sawmills also stocks and supplies high quality uncertified shakes and shingles from other suppliers. That means you get the broadest selection of products ranging from rustic to modern, and you can have them delivered in mixed loads according to your specific needs.

Handsplit & Resawn Shakes

For that rustic appeal. Handsplit and resawn cedar shakes are a popular choice, especially if you want a cottage country aesthetic where a more rustic and textured look is desired.

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Tapersawn Cedar Shakes

The shingle/split shake hybrid. Thicker than shingles, tapersawn shakes are sawn on both faces and edges, offering a uniform appearance with heavier shadow line on the roof.

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Cedar Shingles

The natural, tailored look. Smooth sawn, architecturally uniform cedar shingles are preferred for their natural, tailored appearance. They’re ideal for both traditional and modern structures.

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