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Waikiki Fire Station #7's New Fire Treated Shake Roof

The City and County of Honolulu, Oahu put out a bid to upgrade concrete footings and re-roof the Waikiki Fire Station #7 in 2014. The winning low bid general contractor ended up backing out of the project after most of the roofing materials had been purchased by the original roofing subcontractor. As luck would have it, it was Watkins premium fire treated shakes.

The roof required being updated to the current International Building Code that was being enforced at the time (IBC 2006), there always seems to be about a ten year lag in re-roof code enforcement vs. new construction enforcement. The building code upgrade called for solid sheeting, Simpson Strong Tie clips at the perimeter walls, new freeze blocking with eave venting and replacement of rotted fascia lumber.


Lumber replacement is pretty typical for most re-roofing projects in Hawaii because the dry rot and termites can wreak havoc on lumber in tropical climates. MRC Roofing was part of the second place bid that eventually won the project. MRC didn’t even have to purchase the materials or wait for the materials to arrive. Most of the materials were just sitting there waiting to be picked up at a City and County warehouse, it was like a big Christmas present from Watkins Sawmills.

An interesting thing happened while performing this job, nearby home owners stopped by to take pictures of the new shake roof and asked if MRC could roof their house next! Fire Station #7 actually caused a fire in our sales department for the next 2 months. Every once in a while the clouds part, angels sing and the universe rewards you for being a good roofer with a solid reputation.

MRC Roofing has been in business and roofing Honolulu since 1987. MRC is known as a quality roofer that only uses the best roofing materials and accessories available on the market.



At MRC Roofing we only install Watkins premium “2-Pack” shakes. As a quality installer we love the uniformity of the Watkins premium shakes. The uniformity of the shakes actually saves us on labor costs which nullifies the cost increase of the premium shake cost. It’s an easy sell.

Jon Vaughn, Estimating & Sales, MRC Roofing